What is SAS?

The Integrated Sustainability Awareness System (S.A.S.) is an online data collection and feedback tool, which is used to compile a database on residential sustainable living practices. This database will be used by an administrative body to view area statistics and improve infrastructure around sustainable living

How it Works

To begin, you would download a mobile application (app), which will enable you to upload information to the cloud based database, giving feedback on energy consumption and showing how the collected data compares with where your consumption should be. Where necessary, the app will provide tips for improvement in making savings and using fewer resources. Monthly information is recorded and put into a graph so as to map your consumption.

Beneficial features of the app include a map where you can search for various sustainability related businesses such as recycling drop off points, second hand shops and coffee shops near to your location. There is also an option to suggest companies that you may know of, which you feel should be included.

S.A.S. will provide a real time tracking graph of various suburbs in Cape Town and their progress based on the information gathered from registered households within those areas. This will enable you to compare how various suburbs are performing in terms of their efficiency. The aim is that S.A.S. will encourage other suburbs to get involved in sustainable living practices to improve their performance.

A rewards based system is there to encourage you to use the app and continue to upload information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You will earn achievement badges, which advance you to different rankings within the app. Occasionally, there will be “real” rewards, to aim for, which will give you benefits outside of the app platform.